Kongz District is a randomly generated 32px art that have arrived on the Solana Blockchain from the Jungles. These Kongz are roaming the blockchain causing havoc with their awesome headpieces as well as different created faces.

This collection is Generation 1 of 2 containing 4,000 unique algorithmically generated Kongz, after mint has been successfully sold out we will introduce Gen 2; MegaKongz with a major upgrade in art style.

Gen 2 MegaKongz will consist of a total supply of 2,000 MegaKongz that will be airdopped to Gen 1 holders for free at a ratio of 2:1 (must hold 2 gen 1 Kongz to receive 1 MegaKongz).The DAO will vote on possibly burning Gen 1 Kongz for Gen 2 MegaKongz reducing the total supply by 50%.

With that, holders of both Gens will be able to partake in exclusive events and award earning systems such as a DAO treasury where holders will be able to vote on acquiring blue chip SOL nfts as well as weekly giveaways from a prize pool that will contain a percentage of secondary sales.


Minting will be 1 per transaction(you can do multiple transactions) to give everyone a chance to mint. There currently is no set minting day or time however minting will be available soon(please be on the look out for a stealth launch as well). For more information please visit our Twitter and Discord.


Roadmap extended(After Mint)

  • After mint has been completed we will work on a burning mechanism for Gen 2 MegaKongz dependent on DAO vote.
  • Introduce Gen 2 MegaKongz.
  • Update on Marketing plans/progress.
  • Create real Gen 2 holo MegaKongz cards that will be shipped to holders.
  • Scout for multisig signers to ensure safety of DAO treasury.

The Kongz Hub

The Kongz Hub is an exclusive social club for Kongz District Gen 2 MegaKongz holders. In the Kongz Hub there will be big weekly prizes, NFT giveaways, strong quality community, NFT discussion, and many more exclusive benefits!

The Game

  • Production of game will start as soon as minting is complete. Will need to expand the team and hire more devs/artists.

  • Gen 2 holders will have a larger earning ratio in game over Gen 1. The MegaKongz will look more warrior mean type for game play.

  • MegaKongz game will be the players choice of PvP or PvE. There will be a leveling system, every player starts at level 1 and must kill monsters to reach max level which will be level 20. Every quarter there will be a game update increasing the level by 10 along with new skills and weapons/goods.

  • Holding a Gen 2 MegaKongz will allow users to earn tokens which can be used for in game play. Holding a Gen 1 Kongz will allow users to earn the token as well, however it will be a very small percentage. Players can earn tokens in game as well. Along with that, players will earn tokens through special quests and weekly Guild/Union wars.

  • Guilds will consist of 10 players, 1 Guild leader and 9 normal players(players decide if they want to join a guild or be a loner, *must be accepted or invited by existing guild members*).

  • Unions can be formed with 5 guilds forming 1 union. During the weekly guild/union event, players will be batteling in an arena. The more players in your guild/union the more likely you are going to win.

  • Once a guild/union wins a fortress, the union name is displayed across the game. Members of each guild/union will recieve a percentage of tokens that is taxed by every other player in the game. The taxed products include goods such as mana, hp potions, and other types of goods the character needs in order to play the game successfully.

  • All goods bought during the game requires the token that will be earned either in game or by holding either a Gen 2 or Gen 1 Kongz. Essentially when you buy goods from the npc the tokens are being burned. A percentage will be held as Tax for the fortress holders Guild/Union.

  • There will be an online marketplace for all players in game, allowing you to trade goods with other members. Goods can be anything the monsters drop.

  • Goods will include different mana and hp sizes, weapons, and attributes for the weapons, as well as leveling elixirs to increase the experience points after killing a monster.

  • The game will only be avaliable to Gen 2 and Gen 1 holders, and if you are a Gen 1 holder you will be able to partake in the game as well after some time but playing as a basic default character that all outside players will be using. All content will be saved so you will never lose your progress. You will still be able to buy armor and weapons of your choice after choosing a mastery and keep them. Gen 2 holders get more in rewards.

  • Game will be available to public after some time no official date.


Do NOT refresh page while mint is in progress. .10 SOL/Kongz

The Team


Team leader, Manager/Dev


Gen 2 Artist


Marketing/Assistant team lead

Frequently Asked Questions

Kongz are essentially the largest of the great apes. Apes are life, all apes must be saved which is why we will donate funds to an Ape charity of communities choice, with plans to adopt a Gorilla as well.

The total supply is 4,000 Gen 1 Kongz, with plans to introduce Gen 2 MegaKongz that will be airdropped to holders at a ratio of 2:1. The DAO will vote on burning Gen 1 possibly cutting the total supply to 2,000 MegaKongz.

Mint cost: .10 SOL / Mint date: TBA (may be stealth and then public announcement).

Stealth launch will ensure more legitimate holders as apposed to flippers. This is a long term project.

Phantom wallet works best.

No, the MegaKongz will be aidropped to the holders for FREE.

10k projects are super overrated, lower supply can guarentee a tight knit community and it will allow the team to communicate with its members.

The holders get to choose if they want to keep the Gen 1 kong or burn 2 to receive 1 Gen 2 MegaKongz(dependent on DAO vote).

Gen 2 holders will be able to access "The Kongs Hub" where there will be special events such as weekly NFT giveaways, special weekly prizes formed by a small pool from secondary sales, real holo MegaKongz card that will be shipped to holders, and many more!

The holders will be able to vote on which bluechip NFT the DAO purchases. Majority vote wins. Gen 1 Kongz vote counts as 1, Gen 2 MegaKongz counts as 2 votes.

There will be plans for a game, further plans and updates coming soon after mint.

Please visit our Twitter or Discord page for further contact.

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